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Chairperson Guidelines

Chairs and co-chairs play an essential role in keeping educational sessions flowing smoothly and on schedule.

  • Review the final program to reconfirm location, schedule and title of the session.
  • Please ask the audience to change cell phones to silent or off position.
  • The chairpersons must reach the designated hall at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time and report to the coordinator who will familiarize with various facilities including the time control system.
  • The chairpersons must start the session on time and not depend upon audience attendance.
  • One of the chairpersons would invite the speaker on the dais, don’t introduce the speaker as the introduction will be displayed simultaneously, announce the subject of his talk after brief opening remark. This will help to save the time for the speaker. After conclusion of the lecture the other chairperson should avoid summarizing the talk but conclude the session with a brief comment and vote of thank.
  • The chairpersons must use their position, seniority, professionalism and authority to stop a speaker at the end of the allotted time, irrespective whether he/she is national or international guest speaker. The duration of the talk / symposium will be communicated to the chairpersons. They will also be guided by the timekeepers.
  • Any laxity on the part of chairpersons results in the speakers encroaching on the discussion time and the educational importance of the session is lost. All efforts must be made to conclude the session on time.
  • During the Q/A session in symposia, if time permits, then all the concerned speakers should be invited to sit on the stage, to enable the delegates to address their questions directly to the speakers.
  • Any absentee must be reported to hall coordinator or the scientific chairman.
  • Auto shut off system will automatically shut off the presentation after the allotted time.

NOTE : Please do remember that you are the key to the success and the smooth conduct of the scientific program.