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Speaker Guidelines

  • Frist slide of your presentation will be your CV with Photo.
  • While preparing the lecture, the speaker should address precisely the subject allotted to him and avoid sidetracking.
  • Each speaker has been informed about the duration of his talk. The chairpersons and timekeepers have been given clear instructions not to allow any speaker to exceed the allotted time. The duration will be monitored by a timer located at a suitable place on the dais which the speaker can clearly see. Moreover, we’ll be having blank white screen when the presentation is over. Your cooperation is extremely important.
  • Audio – Visual Arrangements:
    • All presentations should be made in MS Office Power Point.
    • Any fonts and animations if used which are not a part of the standard MS Office Power Point Pack should be included in the presentation CD and this should be specified to the audio-visual in-charge at the preview room well in advance.
    • Videos when included should be ideally in AVI or MPEG and if any other format is used its codec should also be included.
    • If any different format is used deviating from the above-mentioned format, the same should be informed well before the conference so that alternative arrangements can be made wherever possible.
    • The medium of storage used by the presenters can be CD, DVD, Flash Drive, USB HDD, PCI MCI card. In case any deviations from this are made, please inform well in advance.
    • All speakers using MAC laptops and those requiring a MAC laptop should inform at least a day in advance. Laptop presentations are not permitted as they require extra set up time and cut into the time of other speakers. It would be ideal to send your lecture in CD-ROM or USB storage before the conference so that it can be downloaded in the central server. Alternatively, web uploading is preferred.
  • Preview Room: The preview room will be provided for all presenters to use. Its location is right in the main area of the conference venue. In the preview room, you can review your presentation only on computer/laptop which would be available in preview room. No personal laptop will be used to preview presentation. Professional audiovisual consultants will be available for assistance. Computers in the preview room will be configured with hardware and software.

Hours of operation of preview room are as follows:

6th March 2020 08:00 am – 6:00 pm
7th March 2020 08:00 am - 6:00 pm
8th March 2020 08:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • The speaker must deposit their presentation in the preview room at least 2 hours before the session.
  • For the next morning’s presentation, you can deposit your presentation previous evening.
  • You are also advised to check that that your presentation is working on the computer in preview room, for your satisfaction.

  • The chairpersons have been requested to ensure absolute discipline with regard to duration of lecture / conference all the speakers will be invited on the dais by the chairpersons for the Q/A session wherever required.

Your cooperation is extremely important for the smooth running of the scientific program.